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Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is an alternative method for people to clean their hands after using the toilet, and PolyJohn’s alcohol-free antiseptic foam kills 99% of germs. Earn additional income for your mobile toilet hire business by offering hand sanitiser stands for your customers.

Our line of hand sanitisers includes outdoor hand sanitiser stands, indoor hand sanitiser stands and wheelchair-accessible hand sanitiser stands.

PolyJohn’s manufacturing facility controls quality from raw material to finished product, so we can put the best hand sanitiser stands at your disposal. We stand behind our products and manufacturing processes 100% and are ready to provide customer service whenever you need it.

For the best hand sanitisers in South Africa, choose PolyJohn!

Hand Sanitiser Options

  • Sanistand — Our Sanistand is a convenient way to keep hands clean even when water is not available. The Sanistand is designed for simple operation by any user, from children to construction workers.
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Sanistand — Accessibility is guaranteed with our Wheelchair-Accessible Sanistand. It is useful in a variety of settings — from farms to playgrounds.
  • Minisan — When space is limited, our Ministand comes in handy thanks to its slim profile. It includes an advertising display panel and is ideal for a number of indoor settings like hospitals and schools.